BVMI MonthlyRefill

Raul comes to BVMI every month to see Dr. Sokol and the rest of the diabetes team.

Two years ago, when he first came to BVMI, he was an untreated diabetic whose blood glucose was double what it should have been. He knew he didn’t feel well, but had no idea how sick he really was. Since then, he sees us monthly so we can monitor his numbers and teach him how to manage his disease. Now, his diabetes is under control and he’s feeling much better.

Raul’s monthly visits keep him healthy and able to work and support his family – just what the doctor ordered. Now we’ve come up with a prescription to keep BVMI healthy so we can continue to take care of our patients.

BVMI’s Monthly Refill program lets you support us by making a donation every month via a secure credit card donation. It’s easy to work into your budget, and it also saves you time and money – you’ll never again have to write a check or find a stamp!

Convenience: you save time and money by making monthly donations through our secure credit card processing service, and you can budget your charitable support throughout the year.

Comfort: you will never forget – or worry – about making your gift to BVMI; your Monthly Refill automatically renews.

Control: you can easily increase, decrease or cancel your Monthly Refill donation at any time by calling BVMI at 201-518-8487.

Monthly Refille Infographic